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Oblec si emo boy-a

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Emo Boy

Kreslena scenerka

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Are you REALLY a scene kid?

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Are you interested in becoming a scene kid?
All you need is;
1. To have absolutely no shame
2. Photoshop
3. Really colourful extensions
4. A black marker so you can draw leopard print on your hair extensions because
of course anything leopard print is 'the sexx.'
5. No moral compass
6. Colourful skinny jeans!
7. A love of dinosaurs!
9. A really hot scene name that everyone will know you by and see you in the street and say "ZOMFG IS THAT (ex) EVAEUPHORIC."

-Do you have a myspace?

If you don't then you will NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, gain any scene street cred. First of all get a myspace account and make your layout something super, super cute! Like bats or something! Or you could just write "RAWWWR" all over your profile, you'll be SO loved for that. Next, grab your camera and angle it just above your head and take about 70 pictures of you looking exactly the same in every one then take the two best ones, photoshop them til you're within an inch of your life and upload them to myspace. Wait around for an hour and if nobody comments on them go away and cry. Then start crying even more for crying because crying is only for emos and you're so totally not emo!

-Does your hair look like something died on your head?

If the answer is no then what are you doing reading this!??

Go to your shed, grab the hedge cutters, cut all round the top of your hair until you look like sonic the hedgehog, grab your 1000 different colours of hair dye, rub it all over your head, cover your head in hairspray and a few stupid looking clips in pointless random places. Voila! Roadkill!

-Do you overuse abbreviations?

No, no, no not just the occasional 'lol' I'm talking
To BE a scene kid you first need to SPEAK like a scene kid. Abbreviate EVERYTHING and throw in the occasional 'RAWWWWR' cause you SO love dinosaurs.
Oh! And put x's EVERYWHERE. No, it's not just "Would you like some vodka?" it's "ROFL, PMSL! WOULD LIKE SOME RAWWRXVODKAXCORE!"

-Are you hxc or sxe?

MAKE YOUR MIND UP! Hxc means hardxcore (you see about the x's eh?) it means you drink, love casually sex and hard drugs. Sxe means straightxedge, meaning you don't have sex, drink or do casual drugs, BUT DO THEM ALL ANYWAY! Because it's so lameeee to be a scene kid and not drink ;D

-Do you listen to tone deaf singers sing about how much their life sucks?

Most of us do, just have the nerve to change the channel. But scene kids get into it "Man, First to Last are totally stellar." If you don't listen to the worst music in the universe, you are not scene. Therefore you are not cool!
The first step is type "hilariously awful scene music" into google. Since you're never off your computer anyway...

-Do you google deviantart about how to be scene?


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Blond girl

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Scene girl and Umberella

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Scene girl *1

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Crime *1

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Crime Scene *1

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Cierna nevesta

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Art and crime

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Scene Barbie

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Sexi BOY

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Film scene

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Two scene girls

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